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(Une version française est aussi disponible!) 

WARNING: This game contains language, themes and a tiny fraction of pixel art that might not be suitable for minors or might be offensive to some people. It is also not recommended for people who have motion sickness or epilepsy. This game was made as if we were still in the 90's, so a smaller level of self-censorship that you are used to nowadays may have been or might be used during the developement of this project. Viewer discretion advised.

The year is 9108. Québec City is celebrating its 7500th anniversary. The overpopulated metropolis of 900 millions inhabitants lives an idylic, eccentric, but at the same time, dystopic lifestyle. Peace is about to end, though, as said aliens, called the Tibestians, are now getting ready to wipe us out. 

In this satirical and over-the-top action-RPG inspired from Ys and Mega Man, you play the role of a reprogrammed Tibestian robot who is now friendly (although scary for locals) who has to go defeat his master, who has setup a robot-building factory North of the Harlaka District and is now threatening the human race.

It is one of the rare RPG Maker 2003 project to feature real-time action battles without using mods and hacks, too. I encourage you to donate so that I can put this game on Steam, but I prefer that you get a little extra something in return too, so instead, I will encourage you to buy one of my music album (some of which contain Superstar Hero songs) at http://djomnimaga.bandcamp.com .


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